As some of you know I started taking Improv classes a few weeks back. I’m still finding my place and it’s a genuinely good time that stretches my brain in lots of interesting ways that are very good for me. It’s also nice to get out of the house and interact with real people in a public place. Who knew?

Each week we learn new ways to build scenes and one of the core principles to help us create interesting scenes and fun moments is the idea of establishing a relationship. Without some kind of interpersonal connection with a scene partner, it’s easy for spectators to lose interest and stop caring about what’s happening very quickly. It also makes it really tough to carry the scene forward.

I know that we’ll get better as the weeks go on but I’ve watched as we’ve struggled (very much myself included) to establish creative relationships outside of family members, boss/employee, and transactional relationships like plumber/clogged toilet sufferer.

That’s why I decided to create a list of as many of the other types of relationships as I could come up with. Hopefully these will be a springboard to new and even more interesting relationships for you to use in improv. Take the list and run wild, and if you’re so inclined, I’d love to hear some of yours in the comments too!

Apologies in advance if some of these get weird.

  1. Son and dad’s new girlfriend
  2. Dad’s new girlfriend and her opioid dealer
  3. Drug dealer and distribution kingpin
  4. Distribution kingpin and goto hitman/hitwoman
  5. Hitman/hitwoman and CIA operative nemesis
  6. CIA operative and secret service director
  7. Secret service director and Donald Trump
  8. Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin
  9. Vladimir Putin and Mikhail Gorbachev
  10. Mikhail Gorbachev and the first monkey in space (this may have been a strained relationship)
  11. Uber Driver and repeat passenger
  12. Taxi Driver and veteran traffic cop
  13. Veteran traffic cop and long-time club bouncer
  14. Club bouncer and VIP guest
  15. VIP Guest and bartender
  16. Bartender and Charlie Sheen
  17. Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez
  18. Emilio Estevez and all of the Mighty Ducks
  19. Little league hockey coach and grizzled league director
  20. Little league hockey coach and hockey dad
  21. Hockey Dad and other hockey dad whose child isn’t getting any playing time
  22. Acquaintance from an old improv cohort
  23. Jealous co-star in a film
  24. Craft service chef and picky eater movie star
  25. Picky eater movie star’s hired nutritionist and craft service chef
  26. Craft service chef and lettuce farmer
  27. Lettuce farmer and the buyer for Chipotle
  28. Chipotle buyer and the a food and drug administration investigator
  29. FDA investigator and silicon valley nootropics startup CEO (wow got real specific here)
  30. Silicon valley startup CEO and neighborhood sushi chef
  31. Neighborhood sushi chef and landlord
  32. Landlord and sports bookie
  33. Sports bookie and shady loan shark
  34. Shady loan shark and dad/mom with a gambling problem (probably dad)
  35. Single woman and deranged ex-boyfriend
  36. Deranged ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend’s attorney
  37. Attorney and judge
  38. Judge and the town mayor
  39. Town mayor and the President of the local chamber of commerce
  40. President of the chamber of commerce and Taco Bell franchisee
  41. Taco Bell franchisee and me (regular guest)
  42. Regular diner guest and old-timey waiter
  43. Regular café customer and barista
  44. Barista and book club organizer
  45. Book club organizer and wine mom
  46. Wine mom and yoga instructor
  47. Investigative reporter and long-suspected corporate criminal
  48. Investigative reporter and newspaper editor
  49. Newspaper Editor and Unemployment Office Staff (topical because newspapers are dying get it?)
  50. Lead singer in a band and his/her drummer, bassist, guitarist, pianist, backup vocalist
  51. Band member and tour manager
  52. Tour promoter and record label executive
  53. Band member and EX band member
  54. Same high school graduating class
  55. Friends who dated the same person at different times
  56. Politician and intern
  57. Game show host and repeat contestant
  58. Batman and Superman
  59. Neighborhood butcher and regular customer
  60. Wedding planner and bride
  61. Wedding photographer and bride
  62. Future mother/father-in-law and groom
  63. Palm reader and skeptical friend
  64. Forum moderator and constant troll (probably not super easy to create a scene from but hey, at 64 deep we’re gonna roll with it)
  65. Tour guide and museum curator
  66. Museum curator and poser art aficionado
  67. Flight attendant and pilot
  68. Pilot and air traffic controller
  69. Horse and buggy driver and British dignitary
  70. The Pope and a Cardinal
  71. Race car driver and pit crew chief
  72. Bounty Hunter and elusive criminal
  73. Paparazzi and private celebrity
  74. Inmates sharing a prison cell
  75. Marie Kondo and a hoarder
  76. Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg
  77. Tupac and Biggie
  78. Mad scientist and the monster they’ve created
  79. King and knight
  80. Golfer and caddy
  81. War veterans from same unit
  82. Photographer and model
  83. Astronaut and space shuttle mechanic
  84. Old drinking buddies
  85. World darts champion and darts champion runner up
  86. Boat captain and first mate
  87. Skydiving instructor and student
  88. Chef and sous chef
  89. Two grifters in cahoots
  90. Sanseis in competing dojos
  91. Used car salesmen in competing dealerships
  92. Babysitter and parent(s) of a terrible child
  93. Bowling league teammates
  94. Locksmith and chronically clumsy magician
  95. Essential oils distributor and downline member
  96. Basketball referee and Dennis Rodman
  97. Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un
  98. Super villain and trusty sidekick (segue!)
  99. Plasma clinic phlebotomist and plasma donor
  100. Sommelier and pretentious local billionaire
  101. Anyone and Kevin Bacon

Now it’s your turn! What other relationships do you have to share?

May 22, 2019