On Slowing Down

A large platter will hold a surprising amount of vomit. Like, at first you’d think it’s going to automatically spill over the edges, but when you start to factor in the viscosity of the regurgitate, the rotundity of the dish, and the overall surface area, you’d really be surprised at how much puke will fit …

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77,777 Tweets

I looked at my Twitter dashboard the other day, something I don’t do often, and I’ve tweeted over 77,700 times since I created my account in November 2009. I think that puts me firmly in the camp of addict Twitter power user. My curiosity got the better of me and I started trying to figure …

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There’s something about this video…

I’ve probably watched this video twice every month since it originally aired four years ago.

After this many replays I’m still not entirely sure what it is that makes this video stand out among all the others.

I’ve seen stronger vocalists.

I’ve heard better pitch.

I’ve witnessed perfect technical execution from other contestants.

But none of them have been this… pure? Enjoy.

Friendshipping Steroids

It’s weird to have a spectrum disorder be the glue that binds us together with strangers. So much of the time we rely on hobbies, or sports teams, or favorite Netflix Originals to bridge the gap between small talk and budding friendships. But we almost never think about the possibility that pain, or hardship, or …

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