I accidentally bought two Christmas trees. Let me explain.

You see there was a Christmas tree we wanted to buy at Costco, but when we went to that lovely warehouse to purchase it, they didn’t have the 7.5’ variety we were looking for, only the 9’ variety.

When we got home, I looked at Costco.com and they had the 7.5’ variety available there, and the shipping was free too, so I ordered it on the spot!

The next day when Jackie returned to the warehouse club, they had the 7.5’ tree, and it was $100 cheaper than the one online, for the exact same tree!

They just wedged the delivery charge into the actual product cost on their website.

Anyway, I logged in and still had the option to cancel my order, so I did, and Jackie bought the one at the warehouse and brought it home.

About 20 minutes later I got the shipment confirmation for the tree I ordered online…

Foiled by modern convenience.

November 3, 2022