I’ve been getting around a little bit lately. I’ve been invited to be on a few podcasts (they ran out of other candidates apparently), and figured this blog would be as good of a place as any to share them with you. I actually really enjoy being on podcasts, so if you run a podcast, and are also out of other potential guests, hit me up on Twitter and we’ll get it scheduled.


On the DradCast I talked about LoopConf, the WordPress developer conference that’s happening in 2 weeks, that I also happen to co-organize. It’s going to be a stellar event and I’m finally getting to the point where I can start getting excited about it.

I also talk about how WordPress Support isn’t a lifestyle business, because it most definitely isn’t. Support is really hard some days, and definitely not something you’re going to be doing while sipping mojitos on a beach somewhere.

Full episode is below, and you can check out the audio only version and the show notes on the DradCast site.

Tech Douchebags

Tech Douchbags is a twelve step program to help technology snobs that’s disguised as a podcast. My friend Jordan Cooper invited me to be a guest and I have to admit, things got painfully real. I had to admit to the world that I’m a Subscribaholic, and that I have a dependency on having Amazon deliveries made to my house on a consistent basis.

We also brainstormed a few pretty sweet startup ideas, that you’ll definitely want to hear about (or not). Check out The Subscribaholic on the 5by5 Network and download or listen to it here.

Wp Elevation

A lot of you may be familiar with Troy Dean. He invited me to be a guest a while back and I never really shared the interview formally. If you’re a freelancer looking to get into small business or startup mode, some of the stuff I shared will hopefully be helpful.

I talked with him about my transition from freelancer to growing a team, and how that whole process went down. I think it’s a pretty different process when you already have health insurance, a 401K, etc., not to mention 3 kids. It can be daunting but it’s totally possible (still here over 2 years later). If you’d rather read the transcripts or download the audio you can do that at WP Elevation.

That’s all I had to share for today. Just wanted to get all of those organized in the same place. Hopefully there’s something I said that sparks some interest or a fun conversation along the way. If you’re a podcaster and you’re looking for guests for your show, I really like chatting with cool people, so feel free to hit me up whenever you’d like.

April 24, 2015