Collin’s 16th Birthday

November 3, 2022

I accidentally bought two Christmas trees.

→ Let me explain. You see there was a Christmas tree we wanted to buy at Costco, but when we went to that November 3, 2022

Out of Office - A Neat Little Trick to Reduce Work From Home Friction

→ Knowing when someone can be bothered when working from home is hard, so I created an automated way to clearly show those lovely housemates of yours June 18, 2020

My Fellow Amer-Karens

→ Thirty years ago I was hurling rocks with the zeal of a young Ken Griffey Jr. over the edge of a ravine. I’d pick up a rock, a flat one if I could June 2, 2020

How to Keep News from Monopolizing Your Life

→ I haven’t read the news regularly in a year or so and I never watch the news on TV. At a time when I was really struggling with distraction and December 12, 2019

Give the Gift of 11 Herbs and Spices This Year

→ Fun fact: the First Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise opened in Utah in 1952. Not-so-fun fact: Colonel Sanders’ first name is apparently Harland December 9, 2019

The Local Citrus Scandal

→ I have a vice. Well, I have several but we’re going to focus on one today. I love soda. And right now in Utah there’s a fancy soda craze sweeping December 5, 2019

The Little Curiosities

→ It took me 38 years to recognize all the little things that I realize. Put another way, it wasn’t until very recently that I realized how December 3, 2019

Have you ever been roasted by a 7-year-old​?

→ We all know what a Roast is, right? They started back in the mid-century 1900s with Dean Martin, I believe, and the idea is that someone brings October 9, 2019

Welcome to Mooseport

→ We were already married when I found out you had been paying 10 cents for every single text that we sent back and forth the entire time we were September 30, 2019