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Why I Started WP Site Care

This is an internal memo I shared with our team at WP Site Care that I wanted to share with the world so they can get a small taste of what drives me every day. If you’re involved in a small business, what drives you? I’d love to hear about in the comments!

Most of you know that small businesses are important to me, and it’s why I love working at a company that serves them and helps them be successful.

What I realized recently is that I’ve never gone into much detail about why it’s important for me to support small businesses.

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Shooters Shoot

If all of Twitter disappeared tomorrow I wouldn’t be upset at all, except for the loss of NBA Twitter. If you’re not familiar, NBA Twitter is the one part of Twitter left that’s truly delightful.

There’s so much trash talk. SO MUCH trash talk. Everyone is dissing each other and the hot takes fly off the shelves like Charmin during an earthquake drill. But it’s so much different than regular fighting on Twitter.

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Dear Silicon Valley, Unicorns Aren’t Real

Has anyone told those Silicon Valley bros that unicorns aren’t real? Maybe if they knew unicorns were what some dude came up with when he was high and jokingly asked his friend what would happen if a horse hooked up with a narwhal they’d stop making asinine criticisms about how Trello only sold for FOUR.HUNDRED.MILLION.DOLLARS.

I’d venture (ha, look at that word play) that maybe 1 in 100,000 people can even fathom what four hundred million dollars even means. I know that I have zero comprehension of that figure, and I’m about to reach that nefarious five year mark that swallows up most small businesses.

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How I Backup My Personal Computer

When it comes to protecting data, I’m all about redundancy. If I don’t have at least two additional copies of every single file on my computer, it’s not sufficiently backed up.

First thing I should mention is that I use a Mac computer. In fact, all the computers in our home are Macs. This isn’t a political statement so please save your flames, it’s just something I need to mention so you know right away that your mileage may vary with the information in this article.

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Should I Ride an Amtrak Train with Kids?

On a whim we decided to try and take the train on an end of summer family vacation. It’s something we’ve talked about quite a few times before, but never gone through with it for one reason or another.

Nearly every person we talked to about it gave us the same response: “OH! We’ve talked about that before too but never gone. You’ll have to let us know if we should go!”

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