→ Brady would be mortified if he knew I were writing this so if you see him in the street, please keep this particular post on the down-low. He September 23, 2019

Apps That I Use Every Single Day

→ I keep my most-used apps on the lower half of my home screen so they’re easier to get to. Curating a list of apps that I use every single day was September 22, 2019

Death by 1,000 Little TV Subscriptions

→ With the internet we would finally get rid of the monopolistic stronghold from our Cable and Satellite providers! We were going to be Julie Andrews September 19, 2019

The Problem With Trying to Eat an Elephant

→ I don’t want to oversell it but it’s the first thing I’ve picked up from a book that I’m still thinking about almost hourly even 3 months after September 10, 2019

Working with the Gravity Forms Hubspot Add-on

→ Note: I know this post will only be for a select few of the people who read this blog. If this title means nothing to you, I won’t be offended if August 30, 2019

On Slowing Down

→ A large platter will hold a surprising amount of vomit. Like, at first you’d think it’s going to automatically spill over the edges, but when you August 28, 2019

77,777 Tweets

→ I looked at my Twitter dashboard the other day, something I don’t do often, and I’ve tweeted over 77,700 times since I created my account in August 26, 2019

There's something about this video...

→ I’ve probably watched this video twice every month since it originally aired four years ago. After this many replays I’m still not entirely sure August 21, 2019

Live Stream Truckin'

→ I had a genuinely bizarre call today. Or maybe it was incredible. I’m still not sure. A guy named Steve called and asked me if I was the owner of August 16, 2019

Automattic Bought Tumblr and That's a Good Thing

→ Today Automattic bought Tumblr. That beloved microblogging platform of yesteryear? The one that was the Snapchat equivalent of GenXers like myself? August 13, 2019