The Fist Bump πŸ‘Š

I was walking down the street near my home on an evening stroll, when a chiseled specimen came toward me from the opposite direction.

He was out on an evening run and was making some really incredible time.

I was out walking, trying to get a bit of exercise, and I think he could tell.

My pace was the 20-minute mile and he was running a 5-minute mile, but as he passed he put his fist in the air and pumped it. Twice.

And it seems like a really small gesture but everything he was able to communicate in that relatively subtle action is remarkable.

And sure, maybe he didn’t intend everything that I read, but this is what I felt him say with that move.

  • I see you
  • We’re both out here gettin’ it done!
  • Don’t quit
  • I’ll be here again tomorrow. Will you?

Well fist-pumping stranger, yes, I will.

By Ryan

I wanna be a writer, so I'm writing. In this space I muse about being a dad, tech stuff, the joy of cooking, and hot takes about bad movies.

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Though very small, his gesture & your reception are absolute proof that little things really do matter… and, we all need each other. πŸ’™

Are you sure he wasn’t hitting on you? I mean you are a very sexy guy, he could have just been looking for a little Ryan love!

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